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The main export destinations for our products are Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweeden, Lithuania and the Ukraine.

The company was established in 1978 as a small workshop employing just a handful of people.

The first products were pocket thermometers and several types of temperature sensors. A complete range of temperature sensors and precision-standards equipment was systematically developed and quickly found ready buyers on the home market. The basis for the company’s successful development was in-house product development and production engineering. In response to production needs, several special machines were designed and built for precision microplasma welding of sheathed thermocouples.

In 1988 CZAKI THERMO-PRODUCT moved to its own new premises in Raszyn. In 1992 further development on this site provided spacious new production areas, storage facilities and improved conditions for employees. The latest systems were installed for laser micro-welding and micro-plasma welding and an automatic Surface Mount assembly line was put in. The calibration laboratory was fitted out with high class measurement and test systems and the mechanical machining shop was modernised with new equipment.

Now the company manufactures over 300 types of temperature sensor for many industrial and laboratory applications as well as hand-held pocket and display thermometers, head and DIN rail mounted temperature transmitters, microprocessor temperature controllers and process monitors. Many products are made to special order according to individual customer requirements.

The firm employs committed staff including a key group of highly qualified engineers. A constant attention to high quality, a wide range of products and short delivery times have captured a significant share of the market both at home and abroad. In our home market we have developed a list of over 7000 regular customers.

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