EMT-220 temperature meter

Product description

Universal, programmable temperature meter. It is used with a wide assortment of RTD and thermoelectric temperature sensors. It is equipped with two multifunction programmable alarm circuit to control output relays. This meter can be equipped with optional module galvanically separated from input circuit: analog output or serial communication interface. Windows® application program Logger allows for the visualization of the temperature read out on the screen of the monitor, printing graphs and saving to the file (EMT-220-RS-232 and EMT-220-RS-485). Program Logger-9 enables the simultaneous visualization for a several (at most 9) of EMT-220-RS-485 thermometers connected to a common RS-485 bus.

Technical data


Resolution S, R, B thermocouple – 1°C, other sensors – 0,1°C   (T<1000°C), 1°C  (T>999,9°C)
Accuracy thermoelements ± 0,015% /°C, thermoresistors ± 0,005% /°C
Display red LED, 20 mm digit height
Thermoelement cold-junction accuracy ± 1,5°C
RTD measuring current 0,2 mA
Alarms outputs two SPST NO relay 5 A, 250 V AC / 24 V DC
Power supply 80÷250 V AC 50..60 Hz, 3 VA
RTD connecting 2 or 3 wire
Ambient temperature 0…+50°C
Additional equipment (1 of 2 options) analog output 0…10V and 0…20 or 4..20mA or RS-232 or RS-485 2400 bit/s serial interface
Mounting window dimensions (h x w) 44 x 91 mm
Dimensions (h x w x d) / weight 48 x 96 x 103 mm / ok. 200 g

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