EMT-300 Portable thermometer for K-type thermocouple sensors

Product description

Portable thermometer for K-type thermocouple sensors.

Technical data

EMT-300 features:

  • nonlinear compensation of sensors in the whole measuring range
  • automatic temperature compensation of cold ends of thermocouples
  • indications graduated in ° C or ° F
  • maximum value display button (MAX)
  • freeze button (HOLD)
  • averageing of indications
  • large, dual LCD display
  • battery status indication
  • automatic shutdown after 30 minutes


Measuring range -73÷1370°C
Resolution 0,1 dla T<2000°C (°F)
1 dla T>1999.9°C (°F)
Accuracy 0,1% T ±1°C
0,1% T ±2°F
Conversion time 0.22 s
Sensor socket MT-GK
Display 4½ LCD
Supply 6xAAA battery
Additional functions MIN, MAX, AVG, HOLD, OFFSET, memory of 150 measurements
Optional acceseries temperature sensor with MT-K plug

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