TEH-27 Programmable head-mount transmitter (4-20mA output)

Product description

  • output signal: 4 … 20 mA, 2-wire
  • programmable input signal range
  • programmable sensor type: Pt100, Ni100, J, K, N, S, R, B, T
  • RTD sensor can be connected in 2, 3 or 4-wire system
  • internal or external compensation of thermocouple cold junction
  • for mounting in type B connection heads

Technical data


Type of sensor, measuring range programmable, see data sheet, table no.1
Maximum range, accuracy, thermal drift see data sheet, table no.1
Pt100 or Ni100 sensor connection 2, 3 or 4-wire, programmable
Pt100 or Ni100 connection resistance (2 and 3-wire) Pt100 lub Ni100 <10 Ω (each wire)
Maximum resistance for 2-wire connection which can be corrected with software 0,00 …20,00 Ω (sum of both wires)
Bias current of Pt100 or Ni100 sensors < 0,25mA
Compencation of thermocouple cold junction I:internal or E:external, programmable
Maximum error of thermocouple cold junction internal compensation ±1 °C
Temperature range of thermocouple cold junction external compensation -50,0 … 100,0 °C, programmaable
Range of temperature offset ±10,0 °C, programmable
Output signal N: 4-20mA or I:20-4 mA, programmable
Linear region of output signal 3,8 … 20,5 mA
Output signal delay after power on ca. 5 s
Digital filter time constant (1st order filter) 0,2; 1; 2; 4; 8; 16; 32 s, programmable
Sensor failure indication L:3,5 mA or H:23 mA, LED, programmable
Power supply 8 … 36 V DC / 24 mA (from current loop)
Ambient temperature -20 … +70 °C
Dimensions (Diameter x Height) / weight 44 x 21 mm / ca. 50 g

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For self-configuration (requires IF-2013U interface).

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