Temperature sensor TP-111_113

Product description

Sensors for temperature measurement of liquid and semi-fluid mases.

Technical data

Temperature range -40°C…+900°C (K)
-40°C…+550°C (Pt100)
Processing elements thermocouple NiCr-NiAl (K) (1)
platinium resistor (Pt100) (2)
Measuring junction insulated (3)
Class of processing element 2 (B) (3)
Sheath diameter 4, 5, 6 mm
Sheath material steel 1H18N9T
Cable length 1,5 m, spiral (3)
Handle and cable operating temperature –20°C…+80°C
Sensor length 200, 300, 400, 600 or 800 mm (3)
Additional accessories MT-K or MP plug (for use with hand held thermometers) (3)

(1) Other thermocouples on demand
(2) Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni1000 on demand
(3) Other parameters according to customer requirements

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