Temperature sensor TP-Exi-461_463

Product description

Sensors for temperature measurement in mines (M1) in explosive gases (2 G) and dust (1 D). The sensig element of the sensor is a Pt100 resitor, placed in flexible sheethed cable made of stainless steel 1.4541. Designed to assure high flexibilty and high mechanical endurance and short response time.

Technical data

Sensor type Atmosphere type Temperature range ATEX designation
TP-Exi-46X-XPX mines -20÷150°C I M1 Ex ia I Ma
gases -200÷550°C II 2G Ex ia IIC T6-T1 Gb
dusts -220÷550°C II 1D Ex ia IIIC T85÷550° Da


Technical data:

Process connection without or with compression gland, stainless steel 1.4541
Protection sheath ∅3, ∅5, ∅6 mm
Sensing element Pt100 PN-EN 60751, kl.B
Sensor wire configuration 1P2: single Pt100, 2-wire
1P3: single Pt100, 3-wire
1P4: single Pt100, 4-wire
2P2: double Pt100, 2-wire
2P3: double Pt100, 3-wire
Connection head XE-DANA, IP65, ATEX II 2GD
XE-BE, IP65, ATEX I M2, working temperature up to 100°C
Cable gland ATEX II GD, IP65, for cable of outer diameter ∅6÷∅8 mm
ATEX I M2, IP65, for cable of outer diameter ∅6÷∅12 mm
Ambient temperature (Tamb) -40÷75°C
Maximum operating pressure 0.1MPa
Response time t0.9 ca 10 s (in water 0.2 m/s for ∅3 mm), t0.9 ca 40 s (in water 0.2 m/s for ∅8 mm)
Sensor length (L) 100÷5000 mm (by 50 mm)
Optional accesories 0: none
KP:() compression gland (specification)
T:() ATEX certified temperature transmitter (specification)
class A: sensor class

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