WRT-9 multichannel temperature logger

Product description

Universal temperature data logger. Can be used with a wide assortment of thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors. Designed for use with 2 or 3-wire RTD sensors.

Main features:

  • each channel can be labeled separately
  • actual temperature of each channel can be shown on-line
  • all the data can be stored in a file and can be browsed off-line
  • raphs of temperature vs. time can be printed out
  • files with the stored data have format that can be easily imported
    in many PC programs (for example in Excel)
  • time interval between sequential measurements can be adjusted
  • alarm thresholds can be set separately for each channel

Technical data

Maximum number of channels 9
Minimal time for one measurement 4 sec.
Interface RS-232 (standard), (RS-485 on) demand
Input sensor type, measuring range according to the table
Resolution 0,1°C
Standard power supply 230 V AC +10% –15%, 50 Hz, 6 VA
Optional power supply 24 V AC, 24 V DC, 12 V DC, 110/115 V AC
Ambient temperature 0÷45°C
RS232/485 speed transmission 2400 bps
Dimensions (h x w x h) / weight 48 x 96 x 145 mm / ca. 400g (x2)

70 x260 x 210 mm / ca. 1400g (ERT-9_BOX)

Other parameters like EMT 200 and PMP 201
Additional accessories IF-232U converter, IF-485U converter

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