Temperature sensor TP-971_974

Product description

Sensor for temperature measurement in pipelines or pressure installations.

Technical data


Version G SW
TP-971 G1/2″ 6kt24
TP-972 G3/8″ 6kt19
TP-973 G1/4″ 6kt17
TP-974 thermowell for welding Ø22


Temperature range -40÷150°C
Measuring element platinum resistor Pt100
Number of resistors 1 or 2
Sensor class B
Sensor wiring 2-wire
Sheath material steel 1.4541
Sensor length (L) 50, 85, 100, 150 lub 200 mm
Fitting (G/SW) M20x1,5/compression gland KPM10x1
Maximum operating pressure 1.6 MPa
Connection cable cord 2×0,35mm2 in silicon insulation
Cable length 3 m
Optional accesories thermowell for welding

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